3 Rabbit Band

3 Rabbit Band

Thursday, May 10, 2012

I Was Born In A Constant State Of Nostalgia

I was lucky.

I got my start collecting records during what would be a called a "golden age" for collectors. That is....the death of the LP record. Sure, I bought hundreds of 45's and LP's before the crushing blow of the CD. But, the death of the LP actually enabled me to amass hundreds and thousands of records that people no longer wanted. You know the story: Phone call...Uncle Joe just died...do you want this pile of records? Just get them out of here! No Problem.

I was actually working in a record store (which shall go unnamed) during this chaotic time period, but I and everyone else could see the writing on the wall...the LP/45 was doomed!

Like any kind of collecting, record collecting represents a tiny, irrational grasp at immortality. Something that most of the population long dismisses in their late teens or early 20's. If you've bothered to accumulate all of that music, you must believe in some deep, optimistic level think that you are really going to actually play them. How else can you explain the torture of most collectors to relinquish the puerile things that they have acquired? To name one of the thoroughly useless items in my collection, I might just tell you that I'm holding onto a complete set of The Osmonds albums for shock value, or because nobody's ever going to buy them from me, or because they made a few good singles. But the truth is, I honestly believe that I'll have 6-7 hours of disposable time in my life that these records were just made to fill. And....I always have the luxury of getting up, putting the records on, and proving myself right!

Record collecting is both pathetic and glorious. Yes, you are filling your home/life with extraneous stuff, vinyl and aluminum discs that can never transport you back to 1974, or get you a hot date, or bring James Brown back to life. Don't let this bother you, a little manageable psychosis never hurt anyone. (It took me many years to accept this also!)

It's not that I don't love the CD also, but it has a place and time. People always argue which sounds better. In my humble opinion they just sound different..that's all! They both deserve a place in the modern collectors repertoire.

I would like to offer this blog to others that feel the same as I do, and to show off a few of my daily finds during my weekly treasure hunts!

I must confess... that I am also an audiophile (another issue, but discussed later), and prefer to listen to the best quality pressing of a album/single be it in any format.

© 2012 ---Eric Bechtold. All Rights Reserved.

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