3 Rabbit Band

3 Rabbit Band

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Antique Records

Sunbeam Records

Heritage Records

Heritage Records was an American record label founded in the early 1960s by Jerry Ross Productions. It was distributed by MGM Records.
It released a number of hits by groups such as The Cherry People, Euphoria, and Bill Deal and the Rhondels.
Ross discontinued the label by 1970 when he founded a new independently distributed label called Colossus Records.

Condor Records

Zap Records

HFA Records

Academy Records

D-Town Records

Great Records

Chant Records

A Coast To Coast Hit Record

Hip Records

Shalomar Records

Berlee Records

Cardinal Records

Nation-Wide Records

Fayette Records

Grand Prix Records

Sunset Records

LLP Records

Teenerama Records

Open Records

Tin Pan Alley Records

Nomar Records

Cotton Records

Instant Records

Gale Records

Kay-Dee Records

Juke One Stopper Records

KP Records